[En] Magic Stuff: May 11 & 15, JAMES RANDI and EUGENE BURGER in Turin for a double rendez-vous with Magic knowledge

Before the world met Harry Potter, the archetypal magican was represented as a man with reading glasses and white beard,  the lines on his face telling stories of a life committed to a kind of knowledge that is denied to mere mortals. This is a kind of image seldom associated with prestidigitators (who generally prefer to choose other reference models) but it is one that  can draw attention to  two fundamental aspects of the Art of Illusion: Mystery and Research. 

Still, there are some artists of illusion that do embody this archetype , artists that have truly devouted their life to mistery and research.  Among those are James Randi Eugene Burgertwo pairs of reading glasses, two white beards, two of the most influential voices in the magic community that, added together, can offer us the experience of more than a century of Discourse on Illusion.

To draw, even just for a minute, from such a knowledge can grant a leap forward in any magician’s career… not to mention what one could get by attending a whole lecture from each of these Masters.

Care for such an opportunity? well then, if you live in Turin, keep clear the following evenings:

  • Friday May 11 2012: at 9 pm,  in Via Santa Chiara 23,  CADM Magic Circle will host EUGENE BURGER’S LECTURE (the artist from Chicago that “Stagebill”  performing arts magazine proclaimed “universally recognized as perhaps the finest close-up magician in the world”, author of fifteen world-famous books, winner of four awards from the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood);
  • Tuesday May 15 2012: at 8.45 pm, in ATC Lecture Hall  in Corso Dante  14, CICAP Association, in collaboration with CADM Magic Circle, will foster JAMES RANDI’S LECTURE (An american Artist who retired from professional magic in order to devote himself to  the investigation and demystification of paranormal activities, by using his knowledge in the Art of Illusion to unmask supernatural and pseudo-scientific claims, as he did with  Uri Geller’s spoonbending ).

Two musts you don’t want to miss!

For futher information and booking references you can check  CADM site (for both events) or to CICAP site (for Randi’s lecture).

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